Superyacht Engine Room and Lazarette

POlishing & Waxing 

Polishing and waxing gel-coat or paint surfaces is a crucial maintenance element. The BYDS crew want to help you ensure it is done right for the best conditioning of your assett. 

 If oxidation is left uncorrected, it will accelerate. The rough, deteriorated surface will retain water inside its top layer more than a smooth, hard, shiny, protected surface. Deterioration of these surfaces can be minimised significantly and we strongly recommend keeping your investments value. 

 Waxing will ensure that a boat doesn’t succumb to sun damage as quickly as it can. This won’t only preserve the value of the boat, but ensure that it’s looks pretty for years to come.

We encourage all vessel owners to put their boat on a regular maintenance program that includes:

  • Washing

  • Compounding (if needed)

  • Polishing

  • Sealing with a wax or sealant