Sailing Catamaran
Superyacht Engine Room and Lazarette

Glass and Clear Vinyl Polishing and Protection

The BYDS crew are excellent at removing those tough watermarks, calcium buildup and stains, kerozene deposits and bringing the glass hatches and clears back to a brand new standard. Placing a protective layer on them to finish.

We do a two step treatment for these areas by placing a protective coating on these surfaces so they can handle the environment and the saltwater. Whilst your vessel receives longer lasting results our crew receive ultimate result satisfaction. 

Replacing vinyl clears can sometimes be an unnecessary expense to a vessel owner. BYDS team are here for the long term as are the great results of detailing these areas. 

Clears are very sensitive to scratching so we ensure the correct products and tools are used on these . We also provide lubrication and sealant for these areas to ensure of proper and thorough upkeep . 

We all know the frustration of a ceased zip , a grimey hatch , or a spotty window . Well you now longer have to feel frustrated as we can take care of all of those details for you.