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Maintenance & Regular Scheduling

Having a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) in place is a must have onboard yachts to increase the safe and reliable running of a vessel. BYDS is top of the game when it comes to planned maintenance systems and has been for some time.

Regular maintenance of your yacht will give you more years of use, with less problems. Your yacht will be safer and it will keep its value longer. The maintenance program on all boats vary so we are happy t customise it to suit your needs .

Good housekeeping is essential for trouble-free sailing, for keeping your boat afloat in optimum condition - and for avoiding unnecessary and expensive repair yard bills. But with multiple systems, parts and components to take care of, it can be all too easy for something important to fall off your radar.

This is why a maintenance checklist is so valuable. By telling you what to look at (and when), it breaks down boat maintenance into manageable chunks. What to include on your list will depend on the requirements of your particular vessel - so it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidance first of all. For an idea as to what your very own checklist should cover, we are more than happy to discuss the essential areas to consider specific to your vessel .