" Why is she called a she ?", she asked...

... Old sailors used to answer this with a sexist joke: "Like a woman, a ship is unpredictable." 

 A more likely suggestion relates to the idea of goddesses and mother figures playing a protective role in looking after a ship and crew. Linked to this is the common practice of giving ships female figureheads and names, often after deities or members of a shipowner's family. 

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Boat and Yacht Detailing Services Launch

The Friendly and Professional Boat and Yacht Detailing Services have anchored!

... And gosh are we so happy to be here to share this exciting news.

Don't fear for your vessels care because the BYDS crew are here. 

Boat and Yacht Detailing Services are so happy to announce their soft launch here in Airlie Beach, The Whitsundays, Queensland also known as the "Boaties" Mecca of Australia. 

For the floating watercraft enthusiasts out there who share in the love of getting out there on the water and floating. Mmmmm that feeling of ultimate relaxation whilst getting your dose of salty H2O and basking in the tropical sun.  We can definitely appreciate that “ chill and Netflix “ vibe. Lounge back and take in your surroundings as we come bearing good news for you.

The BYDS team are here to help you indulge in that blissful feeling a little longer.  How?

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