Detailing Services

BYDS arrange a free consultation's to determine what best suits your needs, budget and expectations. We strive to exceed customer service from initial enquiry right through to working onboard and even after care.

* Prices are set to job type and size of the boat. Estimated quotes are available over the phone  


INterior cleaning & Exterior Washdowns

Preparing your boat for a charter or for guests or simply for general upkeep can be a time consuming job so let us take it off your hands. 

We are the kings and queens of having your vessel looking spotless ...  Literally. 

We will take care of every space and ensure immaculate results.  

When it comes to exterior washing we all know there are a few spots where it can be tough to attack and the elbow grease is out. Well don't worry BYDS never run out of the stuff.   Rust runs and spots on gel coast , exhaust fumes on hull , silicone runs etc... leave that to us .  Please

Exterior wash downs are where we shine .. alongside your vessel!

Interior clean you say. Well thats exactly what floats our boat.

We have a meticulous minded team that love to take care of your vessel . Its about taking care of the inside as well as the outside . 

Nothing but TLC from our crew.

Superyacht Engine Room and Lazarette

 POlishing & Waxing 

Polishing and waxing gel-coat or paint surfaces is a crucial maintenance element. The BYDS crew want to help you ensure it is done right for the best conditioning of your assett. 

 If oxidation is left uncorrected, it will accelerate. The rough, deteriorated surface will retain water inside its top layer more than a smooth, hard, shiny, protected surface. Deterioration of these surfaces can be minimised significantly and we strongly recommend keeping your investments value. 

 Waxing will ensure that a boat doesn’t succumb to sun damage as quickly as it can. This won’t only preserve the value of the boat, but ensure that it’s looks pretty for years to come.

We encourage all vessel owners to put their boat on a regular maintenance program that includes:

  • Washing

  • Compounding (if needed)

  • Polishing

  • Sealing with a wax or sealant

Metal Surface Polish and Protection

We all know marine metals can deteriorate over time especially with the environmental conditions.  Avoid natural wear and tear coming into play. Scratches, Stain and Rust removal , Limescale removal can be a tedious job.  Here at BYDS we ensure we get that gleaming shine and gloss lasting longer. Preventing corrosion and mineral etching. 

BYDS use a process with powerful products that clean and protect leaving a high gloss finish without buffing. All metals; stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, chrome, gold, silver, but not silver plated objects can be detailed both on the interior and exterior of the vessel.  


Lewmar Stainless Steel Rope Winch
Port Hole From Pirate Ship in Gold Coast


The list of detailing jobs we cover are endless.

Try us ...

Getting into the small spaces of the engine can be a workout buts its one we enjoy. The challenges of fitting into gaps that are designed for cirque de sole performers. We always go in confident. Get that engine room looking fancy and flash again.  We also to the tedious task of Bilge Cleaning. 

Port Hole and Rubber seal lubrication, Silicone Spray Zips, Gel Coat Rust Removal, Tender Cleaning, Engine Room Detail, Clean Air Conditioning Vents , Grime and mould removal , Teak treatments , Fabric Treatments.... and more ...the list really is endless.


Glass and Clear Vinyl Polishing and Protection

The BYDS crew are excellent at removing those tough watermarks, calcium buildup and stains, kerozene deposits and bringing the glass hatches and clears back to a brand new standard. Placing a protective layer on them to finish.

We do a two step treatment for these areas by placing a protective coating on these surfaces so they can handle the environment and the saltwater. Whilst your vessel receives longer lasting results our crew receive ultimate result satisfaction. 

Replacing vinyl clears can sometimes be an unnecessary expense to a vessel owner. BYDS team are here for the long term as are the great results of detailing these areas. 

Clears are very sensitive to scratching so we ensure the correct products and tools are used on these . We also provide lubrication and sealant for these areas to ensure of proper and thorough upkeep . 

We all know the frustration of a ceased zip , a grimey hatch , or a spotty window . Well you now longer have to feel frustrated as we can take care of all of those details for you.


Early New Zealand Voyagers Waka / Boat

Maintenance and scheduling

Having a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) in place is a must have onboard yachts to increase the safe and reliable running of a vessel. BYDS is top of the game when it comes to planned maintenance systems and has been for some time.

Regular maintenance of your yacht will give you more years of use, with less problems. Your yacht will be safer and it will keep its value longer. The maintenance program on all boats vary so we are happy t customise it to suit your needs .

Good housekeeping is essential for trouble-free sailing, for keeping your boat afloat in optimum condition - and for avoiding unnecessary and expensive repair yard bills. But with multiple systems, parts and components to take care of, it can be all too easy for something important to fall off your radar.

This is why a maintenance checklist is so valuable. By telling you what to look at (and when), it breaks down boat maintenance into manageable chunks. What to include on your list will depend on the requirements of your particular vessel - so it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidance first of all. For an idea as to what your very own checklist should cover, we are more than happy to discuss the essential areas to consider specific to your vessel .

Captain & Crew  / Boat Deliveries

Need experienced crew for your floating holiday ,the search is over .

We have qualified Chefs , Captains and Crew available to assist you on your adventure . Our Captains and Crew are  available for delivery and chartering. 

BYDS crew are all very flexible and have multiple qualifications and certificates under their belt to suit our clients needs. This skilful team devote their lives to working in on and around the ocean so its only a mandatory passion to expand within our proffession.

Our skilfully trained team are here to help you in every area necessary. 

We have skippers located locally and nationally to help with boat deliveries. Our skippers have has a vast amount of experience out on the ocean ranging from captaining charter yachts , commercial vessels to private mega-yachts.

With referees that will only convey each individuals excellent working professionalism and their mature and disciplined approach. We give credit to our crew for their accomplishments. 

BYDS are the mature maritime crew with a strong ethical boating background. Meet the team it would be our pleasure to introduce you .